Unconventional Uses for a Tarp

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Tarps are a versatile, lightweight, and inexpensive tool that should be a part of every emergency plan.

I have one tucked in several locations: at the home, in our vehicles, and in our bug out bags. You should too.

During a routine inventory and inspection of our gear, I was thinking about how to become more efficient and pack lighter by utilizing gear that can serve multiple purposes, so I began compiling a list of additional uses for some of our existing gear. These are some of the uses I came up with for a tarp:

  • A clean surface for dressing game.
  • Wrapping field-dressed meat.
  • A stretcher when used with two poles.
  • Constructing a tent or lean-to.
  • An improvised poncho.
  • A temporary patch for a leaky roof.
  • Building an improvised raft or canoe.
  • An improvised body bag.
  • A makeshift bath.
  • Keeping firewood dry.
  • An improvised water bucket.
  • A signaling device.
  • Building a solar still.
  • An improvised backpack combined with paracord as pack straps.
  • Constructing a sail for your boat.
  • A bivy sack.
  • A makeshift Ahkio sled. (Though it won’t last long in rough terrain.)
  • Building a hammock.

Any other ideas?

Melanie Swick (a.k.a. Survival Chick) grew up wanting to be a rocket scientist, but when she realized she that required way too much math, she took to her second dream—spending time in the wilderness. Today, when she's not hiking, camping, or hunting, she's blogging about it. You can connect with Melanie on Facebook.

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