Stop Burglars in Their Tracks With Easy Home Security

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There was an estimated 2,188,005 burglaries in 2011, according to the FBI. The agency also reported that burglary accounted for 24.1 percent of all estimated property crimes. Although these statistics sound grim, you can take measures to keep your property safe in any situation. Avoid falling victim to burglary by safeguarding your home with these simple techniques.

Organize a Home Robbery

Beat criminals at their own game by staging your own home robbery. The idea is to find vulnerabilities in your home before a thief does it for you. Ask trusted friends to attempt a break-in to determine how ready you really are. After the staged break-in, you may realize that your windows are perfectly secure, but your garage or shed leads to a vulnerable door. Brainstorm ways to tighten your home’s security, and come up with creative solutions to address issues like an easily accessible crawl space, aging locks or a backyard workshop.

Keep It Discreet

Transform your home into a secure, discreet haven. Invest in opaque roller shades, blinds or window treatments to keep prying eyes off of your personal property. Many burglars want to get in and out after a quick win like a plasma TV, so store your valuables like smartphones and laptops away from windows and doors. Consider buying a safe to keep jewelry and other valuables more secure. Investing in a timer to turn lights on and off randomly can also offer a way to keep your home looking lively when you’re away.

Get Creative Landscaping

Assess if your landscaping is working for or against your home’s security. Large hedges and over-sized shrubbery may keep your home looking more secure, but they also can create hiding places. Keep your landscape trimmed and orderly around entryways and windows so you can see exactly what’s going on. Finish off your landscaping with motion lights to discourage burglars from getting too close.

Post Ominous Signs

If you don’t have a home security system, post window stickers near the entryways to make burglars think otherwise, and place a “Beware of Dog” sign in a visible area to scare off would-be intruders. Savvy criminals may guess it’s a ploy, but they still are likely to move on and try another home just in case. Also, don’t forget about the less obvious signs to protect your home while you’re away. For example, ask your neighbors to pick up your mail and newspapers and keep your garage windows covered.

Use Technology Wisely

Posting updates on social media about being on vacation or away from your home can tip off criminals that your house is vacant. For instance, Cosmopolitan Magazine reported on a couple who were burglarized after posting updates about running a race. When they later checked their home monitoring system, someone recognized the suspects as a Facebook friend of the couple. So, you may want to avoid posting anything about your whereabouts until after you get back home.

However, technology doesn’t always hinder your home’s safety. Using home monitoring apps from your smartphone or mobile devices can help keep you in the loop. Transform a spare smartphone into a camera, and connect it with an app to monitor from your pocket. Many home security companies also offer mobile monitoring services to connect from their equipment to your own device.

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