Revolver Shotgun: The Ultimate AR-15 Accessory

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Chances are you probably have an AR-15 as part of your collection. If you have yet to get your hands on one of these little black rifles, then it’s likely close to the top of your wish list.

That said, you may wonder what could possibly make one of the most popular lightweight firearms in the country any more awesome than it already is. Well wonder no more, because the folks who work at Cyre Precision are now developing just the thing to make the AR-15 stand out in a big way—with a shotgun attachment.

Their newest addition to the firearms market is called the SIX12 Shotgun, a six-shot shotgun that fires like a revolver. It’s makers describe it as one that is perfect for breaching, but it’s also a fitting choice for the every day homeowner who wishes to use it for home defense. The company will make the SIX12 Shotgun available in a variety of models, with one example being a full sized standalone model.

As if that weren’t enough to inspire you to give this new accessory a try, consider the fact that the SIX12 includes all the equipment you will require in order to fasten it to any rail system for an AR-15, or any other rifle, for that matter. That versatility is the thing about the SIX12 that’s got a lot of people in the firearms community talking.

The SIX12 design

When Cyre Precision first unveiled the SIX12, the announcement explained that it was initially designed to serve as a quicker, safer and more efficient way to breach doors. It is characterized as a cylinder-fed, 12-gauge, six-round shotgun that can be attached to most AR style rifles.

This distinctive design draws the weightiest part of the firearm close to the user, meaning it is easier to carry it as well as use it. It is both lightweight and compact in nature, which is really important when it comes to attaching it beneath an AR.

SIX12 Modular Shotgun

While the SIX12 was originally intended to serve as an improved means of breaching, the combination of its convenient design and the wide varieties of 12-gauge rounds on the market today make it perfect for all kinds of uses, and for all kinds of users. In short, the versatility of the SIX12 makes it ideal for meeting the needs of a homeowner as well as those of law enforcement officers.

In addition, the SIX12 is manufactured right here in the United States, so you’ll be supporting the American economy while also beefing up your collection.

The SIX12 features

Aside from being able to use the SIX12 with any standard AR rail platform, this product has plenty of other features that are sure to attract the attention of firearm enthusiasts. It uses six-round cylindrical magazines that are easily removed, and is capable of using 12-gauge shells measuring up to three inches . The SIX12 is a double-action semiautomatic with an interchangeable barrel that could be enhanced with some additional new options the company offers specifically for escalation of force situations.

The SIX12 offer a short barreled and suppressed option, which of course means you’ll need to be completing a paperwork and waiting a looong time because of the National Firearms Act (NFA). But with everything you can do with the SIX12, you’ll likely be quite pleased with your new acquisition and your fellow firearms collectors will be green with envy.

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