Why Preppers Should Own a Black Powder Rifle

September 5, 2014 by | 4 Comments

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying yet another AR-15, the latest tactical accessories, or a few more cases of ammunition, Lord knows I’m guilty of it. But if you experience a long-term grid down scenario, how long would your ammunition last?

It’s simple to make your own ammunition for a black powder rifle. Lead for the bullets can be found in fishing weights, lead pipe, solder, or wheel weights, and black powder can be easily manufactured using saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur—all commonly available ingredients.

But a black powder rifle offer more advantages than just the ability to make your own ammunition.

Because of their limited range black powder rifles require you to to get closer to your prey, which improves your stalking, camouflage, and movement skills, and because you only get one shot, they force you to focus on your shooting position and sight alignment/sight picture.

This brings you closer to the primal side of hunting and helps you to refine your wilderness skills—exactly the kind of self-improvement you should be seeking as a prepper.

Melanie Swick (a.k.a. Survival Chick) grew up wanting to be a rocket scientist, but when she realized she that required way too much math, she took to her second dream—spending time in the wilderness. Today, when she's not hiking, camping, or hunting, she's blogging about it. You can connect with Melanie on Facebook.

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  • Bumbury says:

    altho i do agree the skills required to hunt with black powder rifle are as you stated they are also the same skills a needed to hunt with a Bow… i think the powder required to shoot most modern black powder rifles would be in a survival situation to hard to replacate along with the firing caps… you would have issues with keeping/storing the powder and caps plus the necessary supplies to keep the rifle useable… i have been hunting along time with black powder rifles (primative weapon) seasons and i think the Bow would be easier to to maintain and reproduce if the SHTF…

  • Daniel says:

    I agree with Bumbury. The only caveats I have for his response are that some due to age or injury may not be able to draw a good and killing weight on some bows and as an alternative to a modern day black powder rifle I suggest an older model and or a single shot shotgun which can also use the copper base of a shell, pao

  • J. Daniels says:

    PCP air rifle or bow. Otherwise stock up ammo.

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