Let’s face it; enough food to stock a Walmart warehouse is of no use to you if it loses its nutritional value before you have the chance to eat it. This happens more frequently than you might think, for a variety of reasons, but it’s easy to avoid, which means that not only can you save money while building an adequate reserve of food more quickly, but also that you’ll be more likely to have enough to feed your family… Read More »

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I own more than a few books about building your bug out bag, I’ve read even more articles on the subject, and I’ve seen several videos, but there’s one item I’ve never seen mentioned. An item so critical that it’s absence could stop you dead in your tracks, drastically reducing the likelihood of your survival. It’s not food, water, or even a weapon. People talk so much about those, it makes my ears bleed. Think about what that enables you… Read More »

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Being stalked isn’t directly dangerous, however, the type of people who engage in stalking tend to be, let’s say, off-balance. And by off-balance, I don’t mean a little odd like that uncle who drinks more than he should and then makes inappropriate passes at your friends. No, I mean bat-shit crazy, boil your pet rabbit alive, “it puts the lotion in the basket,” off-balance. A stalker’s mental instability usually leads to very bad endings. There are plenty of techniques for… Read More »

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Unfortunately, the time may come when you’re forced to abandon your cozy location; possibly prompted by weather conditions such as an impending hurricane or flooding, the outbreak of a contagious illness, or even heavy riots or looting. No matter how much you may love your home theater system and DVD collection of every season of LOST, your survival (and the survival of your family) may depend on getting out of dodge quickly. If that time comes, you better have everything… Read More »

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