The value of the U.S. Dollar is falling faster than Felix Baumgartner; you can see clear proof of this in, among other things, the price of gold. While gold prices had remained fairly steady for more than 200 years, they’ve been climbing much more rapidly since the mid-70s, and in 2010, they shot through the roof. In 1950, you could have bought an ounce of gold for a mere $40; today, that same ounce of gold would cost a staggaring… Read More »

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We’ve all seen this sign, or some variation of it, but while it makes us chuckle among our fellow weapon enthusiasts, is it really a wise choice to post something similar? In my opinion, no. Maybe you’ll get lucky and nothing will happen, but more than likely, you’ll at least piss off a few neighbors. That’s not a major problem in the big picture, however, you’re also broadcasting to the world that you have a house full of guns. More… Read More »

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Because both the AR-15 and the AK-47 are excellent weapons, you’re going to find plenty of die-hard fans of each one. Usually, there isn’t much overlap; you either love the AR or you love the AK. As a veteran Marine, I’ve put more rounds downrange through the M16 (the military version of the AR-15) than most people will ever shoot in their lifetime. I’ve carried it through swamps, deserts, jungles, mountains, and even cities, so I’m very comfortable operating with… Read More »

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It’s easy to fall into a feedback loop during a self-defense situation. No one in their right mind wants to take a human life if it can be avoided, but unfortunately, there is a line, that once crossed, makes it clear a hostile situation can not be deescalated. At that point you must take immediate action to end the situation by any means necessary. Failure to do so can result in the harm or death of you and your family…. Read More »

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There area lot of things to love about honey; it tastes great and is healthier and denser in calories than sugar, it makes a great barter item, and it even encourages your kids to eat all their pancakes. But it has one important trait that few people today know about; it kills bacteria! An emergency lasting more than a few days could easily decimate the first aid supplies of all but the most diligent preppers. At that point, an otherwise… Read More »

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