How To Keep Your Faith Intact In Times Of Calamity

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Most of us affirm to the fact that God is the Supreme Being and that He is in control of all the things that’s happening, even to the most undesirable of circumstances. But the truth is, disasters have a way of dwindling our faith to God. I guess it’s just human to err knowing that we have experienced something bad, really bad. And though some people don’t think that faith can be factor in saving your life out there, I firmly believe that our fate rests in His hands and we can be saved if we remain to trust His guide.

In this article, we are going to tackle some useful tips on how to keep your faith in times of calamity and know that your reliance in the Lord can get you to the right path.

Remain In His Guide And You’ll Always Be On The Safe Side:

NOTE: Do bear in mind that all the survival information that I’m going to share here are applicable to any type of religions we have out there. So as long as you believe in God, Allah, Yahweh, or Jehovah and trust in His saving power then I strongly recommend that you keep on reading further so you will be able to rejuvenate your faith if things aren’t going down your way and the sense of doubt is starting to eat its way into your heart…

Humans are sensitive creatures. In fact, we tend to respond accordingly to every situation we get into. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but most of us tend to tap into the depressing feelings every time we face a disaster.  It is inevitable. The feeling of sadness, despair, grief, fear, and hopelessness is usually present and it’s up to us how deal practically with the situation while having this emotions at the same time. And the worst part of this is whenever we feel hopeless, we cannot help but to doubt ourselves and even our spirituality as everything we see is filled with uncertainty. Now how can we strengthen our faith even further in order to help us bear all the physical and emotional challenges we have to face? Here are some tips I can suggest to help keep your faith in times of calamity:

  1. Allow yourself to grieve – It is but normal for us to lose our faith especially in times of disasters. With all the pain and loss we have gone through (loss of loved ones, loss of properties, disaster supplies, etc.), it is but human for us to cry over what we’ve experienced. But this doesn’t mean that we have to succumb through all the negative vibes around us. Allow ourselves to grieve, but only for a moment. Acknowledge the situation you are in and in turn this will make you realize that you are indeed lost your way and you need to be guided again to the right path. God seeks the lost, just as mentioned in the parable of the lost sheep.
  2. Don’t be pissed off with the idea of being uncertain – Not knowing what will happen to us is scary. And even if we carefully make plans to secure our survival, we still not know what lies ahead of us. Look at it this way. God’s perspective is different from us. We may not see His purpose of allowing such bad things to happen now, but in reality this will only reveal our true purpose in life for this is all part of His plan.
  3. Learn to persist and not to resist – Our faith is lost because we doubted His will. And we doubted because we chose into resisting to believe in Him. Choose to persist and surrender to His will instead and you will be able to see things in a lighter way. If you do this, all the negativity will turn into blessings because your belief in the Lord will motivate us to renew our relationship with others and achieve our survival goals for the good of everybody.
  4. Celebrate life – Find reasons to tap into your faith again and this will also strengthen your will to live and move on. Look for the positive in all the desolation around you and seek out a support group to fortify your faith that was once broken. If you can’t find any, then reach out a Bible and everything will change for the better.
  5. Take action and rebuild – Don’t dwell on the aftereffects of the disaster. Instead, use it as an opportunity to start all over again. After all, doesn’t give us something that we can handle. In a way, He is just testing us. But don’t think that you have failed this test because if ever you lost your trust in Him, you are only giving Him an opportunity to remind you of His life-saving power. And all that we need to do is to reach out for His hands again and be safeguarded under His protection for good.

Michael Martin is a former Navy Pilot who believes no matter the circumstance, one should always be prepared. Upon entering the civilian world, Michael spent his time traveling the globe and observing different cultures. Growing up in as the son of a serial entrepreneur it was only a matter of time before he took his love of the outdoors and passion for helping others to new heights by founding Bug Out Bag Pro. As a survivalist and entrepreneur, his vision is to help educate and prepare families everywhere with the information, skills and tools to survive any situation they may face!

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