Home Necessities to Be Prepared For Any Disaster

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Because potential emergencies or natural disasters often occur suddenly and without warning, it is crucial to prepare your home for any disaster. Beginning the process of preparing your home can be overwhelming, since here are so many things to consider before beginning to gather necessities, and chances are you only have so much extra room for supplies. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you, so the team at Modernize has put together a list of home necessities to be prepared for any disaster.

An emergency plan

Creating an emergency plan, and practicing it, is crucial to making sure every member of your family knows exactly what to do if you become separated after an emergency. Discuss where you will meet after an emergency, how you will communicate, how to turn off the utilities if necessary, and how to use the emergency food and water supplies. Create a detailed map of your home, indicating multiple exit routes. Once your plan is in place, spend time practicing so everyone is comfortable with your emergency plan.

Food and water supply

When preparing an emergency food supply, aim to keep enough non-perishable foods on hand for three days for each member of your family. Be sure to take into consideration feeding babies, special dietary restrictions, and feeding your family pets. And of course, don’t forget your can opener!

Keep at least three gallons of water, one for each day, on hand for each member of your household. Consider investing in a portable water purification system, which gives you a long-term plan for providing clean water for your family.

An emergency kit

Outside of your plan, food, and water, there are a few things you need in your home at all times if you wish to be prepared for a disaster. Every kit should include a flashlight with spare batteries, a battery operated or hand crank radio, a first aid kit, a whistle to call for help, and cash or travelers checks.

Solar powered technology

We have seen the amazing potential that comes with using solar energy and we believe there are so many ways it can be used for emergency preparedness. Many homeowners choose to keep an extra cell phone in their home, and a solar powered charger is a great addition to any home emergency kit. If your budget allows it, considering investing in other solar-powered home appliances such as a solar powered generator, solar powered lantern, or radio.

Preparing your home for an emergency does not have to be complicated. Create a checklist using the information we have prepared and begin gathering the items you need to keep your family safe if an unexpected disaster occurs.

Mary Sauer is a writer who has been published by Babble, Mom.me, and What to Expect. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two young daughters.

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