Food Stamp “Glitches” and a Sign of Things to Come

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Recent food stamp “glitches” made it exceedingly clear even to those with their heads planted deeply in the sand that society is a hot mess that’s just one problem away from a complete breakdown.

One of the glitches, according to CBS, was due to a computer system upgrade. Temporarily the federal EBT website had been shut down and cards stopped working, but people were told to try again later in the day. Evidently, that wasn’t a good enough answer. As reported by Twitchy, many angry food stamp recipients decided that the idea of possibly waiting a few hours to get food they didn’t even have to pay for was reasonable cause to riot.

EBT Riot Tweets

Meanwhile, Walmart will be on the hook for a glitch-prompted shopping spree theft that nearly wiped out stores in Louisiana after the Electronic Benefit Transfer system temporarily removed spending limits on food stamp recipients’ cards. Once they realized their cards didn’t show their balance, they emptied the store and called friends and family to come do the same.

Today we have record numbers of people on government assistance, and it’s intentional, to make more people dependent on the government. In the past five years alone, the number of people receiving food stamps has nearly doubled to over 47 million! The government is even running commercials encouraging people to hop on the wagon. Eventually, we’ll have more people riding than pushing. What then?

Food Stamps

Despite the doom and gloom the media preaches, things really aren’t that bad now. If people are willing to act like this during relatively good times, how do you think they’re going to act when the shit really hits the fan? What do you think is going to happen when inflation devours the value of the dollar and you can’t afford a loaf of bread? When the Chinese stop funding our spending addition? Or when a large-scale natural disaster hits? (Everything worked out pretty well after Hurricane Katrina, right?)

Society is devolving at a rapid rate. Many people today only care about what they can get and they don’t give a damn who they have to hurt to get it. Maybe we still have time to set things back on course, but even I’m beginning to have doubts. As more people see the utter lack of accountability, respect, and decency in society, more are beginning to realize those of us who have preached self-reliance weren’t so paranoid after all.

So what’s the solution? We need to become debt-free and ensure we don’t depend on the government, but we also need to help our families, friends, and neighbors, do the same. We need to become producers rather than consumers—turn off the TV and create something of value. We need to start our own businesses and work amongst each other. In doing so, we become better able to help others do the same, and with each person we help achieve this new-found freedom, we further reduce the power and control that the government holds over us.

I’ll give you an example. I run my own business doing web development and graphic design. That provides an income and schedule that I have almost complete control over, freeing me up to manage my gardens and livestock. But I don’t stop there; I share my excess food with neighbors, which helps build trust within our community, and I teach them how to do the same. I even get them started with their own seedlings and then encourage them to teach others. As time goes on, this creates a virtual army of people training each other to become self-reliant. I also plant food gardens strategically throughout town. Some are hidden, some are not. This provides yet another source of food for my family, friends, and even others in my community. A community of self-reliant people are far less likely to behave like the animals I covered earlier in the article.

Things are going to get ugly. I don’t know when, but based on events over the past few years, I believe it will be sooner than later. What we’re seeing today is exactly what we’ve seen throughout history, but people still refuse to believe it can happen here. Having deployed to several countries that followed this same course, I’ve seen it first hand and assure you that it can.

We have a limited amount of time to become self-sufficient because if we and others in our communities are dependent on the government in any way, we can expect to see the same kind of activity or worse in our own neighborhoods soon.

Melanie Swick (a.k.a. Survival Chick) grew up wanting to be a rocket scientist, but when she realized she that required way too much math, she took to her second dream—spending time in the wilderness. Today, when she's not hiking, camping, or hunting, she's blogging about it. You can connect with Melanie on Facebook.

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