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Survival is not like algebra—you can’t just learn it once and be set for life. Every technique is highly perishable, meaning if you don’t routinely practice them, you will lose them. You may “know” how to construct a bow drill, but can you do so and use it to start a fire in adverse weather every single time? Are you able to carry your heavy pack at full speed over rough terrain at night? Can you build an emergency shelter… Read More »

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Everyone who knows me fairly well knows that I am a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. That does not come with any caveats or asterisks. I believe every adult who isn’t in prison or a mental institution should have the right to own whatever weapons they feel they need to defend their families, but with that right comes tremendous personal responsibility. Your primary job in life is to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. This often… Read More »

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Many people have endured a survival situation without the proper gear, after making a multitude of poor choices, and even running out of food and water, but two things are absolutely critical if you want to make it home alive; a positive mental attitude and physical fitness. The average American’s idea of fitness today is surprisingly shortsighted, usually limited to weight lifting, yoga, or hitting the elliptical machine a few times each week. This is certainly better than stuffing your… Read More »

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