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A recent discovery by members of the Associated Press working in Timbuktu, Mali have some experts concerned that it could signal the beginnings of a more unified terrorism network, and one that had previously been considered an operation on the cusp of collapse. That discovery consisted of 22 tactics for enemy fighters to successfully avoid becoming a target of strikes by American drones. The document was reportedly being stored inside a manila folder that was found in a deserted Islamist… Read More »

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There are millions of miles of public hunting land in our great country; however, some novice hunters and even seasoned pros are detoured away from hunting in public lands due to the misconceptions and stereotypes about hunting alongside strangers. Horror stories telling of shot-out truck windows and all-out brawls over who lays claim to a certain area of the woods prevents hunters of all levels from enjoying everything the public lands have to offer. If you’re a novice hunter, please… Read More »

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Today’s technology gives anyone the ability to claim expert status and reach an audience of millions. Some may just embellish their credentials while others will flat-out lie and invent the kind of background that makes Hollywood action heroes look like Girl Scouts. In other industries this isn’t usually life or death, but in the survival/prepping/self-defense world, it’s a game changer. For example, a politician may destroy his own reputation (Anthony Weiner) which ends his career, or a business leader may… Read More »

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Ask 100 people what they think is the best gun and you’re likely to get 100 different answers. The truth is that there is no “best” gun because like any other tool, each serves a unique purpose. For example, I love my AR-15 because it provides more firepower and accuracy than any pistol, but I can’t carry it on my body while walking around town. Choosing the right gun depends not only on the circumstances, but also on the individual…. Read More »

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Most of us spend a fair amount of time in an urban setting, but few maintain a level of situational awareness that would allow us to respond quickly to a threat. You can change this, but it will take a lot of training to become proficient in identifying potential threats, and discipline to consistently implement your new skills. Your first priority is to identify exit routes. For example, I try to use the right lane while driving whenever possible because… Read More »

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