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Let’s finish up the winter prepping series. Today I’m talking about traveling in the winter. We’ve seen the news reports every winter. Someone gets stuck in their vehicle during a storm. They either die of exposure, or dehydration. Those are the two main focuses today. I will mention food. More for comfort and strength though. It will take weeks to die of starvation. You will most likely be found in that time. I am going to advocate staying in your… Read More »

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You can survive up to 30 days without food, but go just 3 days without water and you will die. Storing water is important and I believe everyone should have a minimum of a two-week water supply on hand at all times, but it’s equally important to know where to find drinking water in case you don’t have access to your water supply. Those jugs of water sitting in your garage won’t help you when you’re stranded in a broken down car… Read More »

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While humans enjoy our position at the top of the food chain, it’s largely thanks to our intellect and ability to use tools that go bang. That makes an unarmed encounter with a true apex predator like a bear less than optimal. Here in Florida we don’t need to worry too much about bears because they are relatively small and non-aggressive. I once ran into one in the woods at night and it took off like it owed me money…. Read More »

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Short of being burned alive, I can’t imagine a more terrifying way to die than drowning. It is often a shockingly slow process that gives you plenty of time to realize exactly what’s happening—something I’ve experienced several times. All of my near-death experiences with drowning were the result of exhaustion; once when I bit off more than I could chew and tried to swim across a rock quarry, and a few other times, ocean currents pulled me out to sea… Read More »

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