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Imagine having a home that is truly yours, with no monthly rent or a mortgage payment. If you’re willing to live like our ancestors did, it can be done! Whether you need to improves a shelter after a disaster, or just want to run away to the wilderness, these primitive houses may be the answer you need. Here you’ll see how people from around the globe have built their own homes throughout history. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Tipis  … Read More »

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No matter how thoroughly you prepare, there is always a possibility of running out of supplies, and when you run short on food, things can go south pretty damn quickly. It probably won’t happen bugging in at home, but what happens when your car breaks down on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere and you can’t call for help? Food provides calories, giving you energy to get your ass out of a bad situation, but it also gives you… Read More »

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A fire can mean the difference between facing hypothermia or enjoying a warm night of sleep. It’s easy to start a fire with matches or a lighter, but since they won’t always be available, it’s wise to become skilled at other methods. Don’t become dependent on any one technique or tool though—spend time learning and practicing several methods in various environments for the greatest chance of survival. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here are eleven ways to start a fire. Ferrocerium Rod My favorite way… Read More »

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Being out in the wilderness without any sense of direction, lost without a compass, and no clue which way to go is an extremely frightening scenario. This situation can be remedied by having a basic knowledge of the outdoors, and by being observant, paying close attention to the land and surroundings. The Oldest Trick in the Book This method of finding direction is quite possibly the earliest, most familiar, and definitely the most well known. It has been used by… Read More »

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For tens of thousands of years man has relied on the illumination, warmth, and cooking capabilities provided by fire. Although it is no longer vital to daily human survival, a fire can save your life in a survival situation. Just as there are several ways to start a fire, there are several ways to build a fire. The proper technique can mean the difference between staying warm and enjoying a hot meal or suffering from hypothermia. Step 1: Preparing the Area… Read More »

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