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This month’s “Survival Roundup” includes a plethora of topics, ranging from economics, sustainability, hygiene, and even security because survival is dependent on a practical knowledge of a wide range of skills. The people running the blogs/websites listed below work hard to bring you the information you need to survive and thrive, both in good times and bad, so if you like what you see, be sure to help them spread the word—share their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, or… Read More »

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This is the second article in an ongoing series sharing information from other great survival sites I’ve found around the web. Starting this series has given me new hope for our ability to not only survive but also thrive through any survival situation, natural disaster, and even economic collapse, because I’ve learned that there are a lot more people out there with the necessary skills than I initially thought. This month’s “Survival Roundup” lists articles from some websites you’re probably… Read More »

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It’s nearly 4am and I’m losing yet another battle with my life-long nemesis, insomnia. Considering that one of my most important goals is sharing my survival/prep knowledge with as many people as possible, I figure now is a perfect time to publish my first “Survival Roundup” post, with links to great info that I’ve found on other blogs. I may know a hell of lot about survival but so do a quite a few other people, and I’d like to… Read More »

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