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Everyone talks about bugging out, but few have a real plan. Running into the woods with your bug out bag may be the correct answer in a small handful of situations, but it will get you killed in most others. Bugging out before a hurricane, for example, requires a very different plan than bugging out to flee riots.  A successful bug out depends on a solid plan as well as thorough knowledge of your own skills and conditions on the ground,… Read More »

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The topic of bugging out is a popular one, with probably thousands of opinions on how, when, and why. One recurring theme is bugging out on a motorcycle, which on the surface may seem like a great idea due to their maneuverability and excellent fuel economy, but it will probably get you killed. Here are a few reasons why bugging out on a motorcycle is a bad idea. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); While a motorcycle’s fuel economy beats a car,… Read More »

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Before I get started, let’s make one thing perfectly clear—I am not advocating taking up arms in a second American Revolution. Despite the corruption in our own government, I do not believe we are at a point where bloodshed is the proper solution. As our government has become increasingly corrupt and tone-deaf to what its citizens want, more people have suggested that the solution is to launch an armed revolution. I disagree because we currently have options available to change… Read More »

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Prepping is a unique world because it’s filled with people heavy on theory but light on practical experience. And few of the folks with practical experience have actually put their skills to the test in an actual crisis. It’s one thing to store food, train with a firearm, and practice primitive skills in today’s society, but it’s an entirely different thing when your life is on the line. That’s why I decided to share some of the things I learned… Read More »

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We’ve all arrived at the prepper lifestyle though different paths. Some may have suffered through a natural disaster unprepared, while others might have been the unarmed victim of a violent attack. Those more fortunate may have simply seen the obvious signs, such as massive inflation, decay of society, our national debt, etc., but we’ve all realized  things aren’t right and they’re only getting worse. I have followed a very crooked path to get where I am today. In high school,… Read More »

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