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Congratulations, ISIS. You wanted attention, and yesterday, you got it. Only, you chose the wrong people to seek that attention from. You did not get the attention of our weak President. He tweeted his support for your medieval holiday following your cowardly attack. You did not get the attention of our useless and corrupt Congress. They were too busy lining their pockets. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When you attacked those four Marines, you got the attention of every one… Read More »

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Bugging out is tough, both physically and mentally. Aside from dealing with the circumstances you’re fleeing, you also have to contend with the fact that you’re leaving your home behind—possibly forever. Add children to the mix and it becomes a significantly larger challenge. Adults can generally deal with shitty circumstances in a logical manner. Sure, some will temporarily breakdown, many will be less effective, and most will bitch and moan the whole time, but they do what needs to be… Read More »

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I’ve received all kinds of reactions when people first learn that I am a prepper. Everything from “cool, how do I get started?” to “so you think the world is going to end?” and everything in between. I think this is because there are a lot of myths about prepping. I blame the media as well as some in the prepping community for this. Some preppers are just bat shit crazy, and in a quest to churn out more mindless… Read More »

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Most preppers are good people willing to help others when ever they can. A few, such as James Sicone Burnette, Jack Spirko, Julie Sczerbinski, Gaye Levy, are some of the friendliest, most helpful, and genuine people you’ll ever meet. But…every now and then, you run into an asshole. (I won’t name names.) I’ll give you an example; last month, I wrote an article titled “Why You Probably Don’t Have Enough Water Stored,” which was pretty straight-forward—the goal was to help people understand how… Read More »

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During chaos, people usually do one of two things; button up for safety at home, or seek safety and resources elsewhere. We recently talked about where to find supplies after SHTF, but it’s just as important to know which places to avoid because violence and disease will be rampant. Below are some of the places that you should avoid in a post-collapse world. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Hospitals should be avoided at all costs. Risk of infection is high even… Read More »

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