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It doesn’t take the complete collapse of society to bring out the worst in people. We’ve seen time and time again, whether out of necessity or just opportunity, each  disaster brings with it an army of increasingly brazen looters. Hell, sometimes it doesn’t even take a bad situation for people to act like animals. If you’re not prepared to avoid, or in a worst case scenario, repel looters, you’re going to end up getting robbed and possibly even killed. Either… Read More »

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Skeptics like to believe the fairy tale that everything will be just fine, despite our staggering unemployment and rapidly climbing inflation, or the civil unrest that’s quickly sweeping across the rest of the world. They try to convince you that “America is different” and “those things can’t happen here.” These people likely also still believe in Santa Claus. It can happen anywhere, it has happened here, and it will happen here again. We already know that the vast majority of… Read More »

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We’ve all seen this sign, or some variation of it, but while it makes us chuckle among our fellow weapon enthusiasts, is it really a wise choice to post something similar? In my opinion, no. Maybe you’ll get lucky and nothing will happen, but more than likely, you’ll at least piss off a few neighbors. That’s not a major problem in the big picture, however, you’re also broadcasting to the world that you have a house full of guns. More… Read More »

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Being stalked isn’t directly dangerous, however, the type of people who engage in stalking tend to be, let’s say, off-balance. And by off-balance, I don’t mean a little odd like that uncle who drinks more than he should and then makes inappropriate passes at your friends. No, I mean bat-shit crazy, boil your pet rabbit alive, “it puts the lotion in the basket,” off-balance. A stalker’s mental instability usually leads to very bad endings. There are plenty of techniques for… Read More »

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