Top 5 Animals to Trap in America

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Trapping is an important part of self-reliance because it gives you the ability to procure food more easily than hunting or foraging. One of the biggest advantages is that you only need to check your traps once or twice a day, saving you valuable time and energy.

The most important detail is knowing what animals to look for—certain types are more plentiful and easier to trap than others. This little bit of knowledge can mean the difference between a tasty meal roasting over the campfire, or huddling in a cold tent with a rumbling belly. That said, let’s take a look at some of the most plentiful, easiest to trap animals in America.


Beavers live along streams and river beds in dams and follow very predictable patterns, which makes them very easy to trap with snares or foothold traps.


Rabbits are quick, but frequently use the same paths to forage for food. The easiest way to trap them is with a snare (or several snares) placed along their trails.


Foxes are one of the most cunning animals in the forest, but they can still be trapped with relative ease by placing traps near their den or where their prey lives, such as chicken coops.


Coyotes travel in packs, increasing the likelihood that your trap will catch one. Like foxes, they seek easy prey, but they only use their dens during the breeding season.


While squirrels may not seem like the most prestigious catch, they are a wonderful food source. Snares are best; squirrel pole snares work especially well.

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  • Dan-o says:

    Raccoon and opossum not on the list? Those two are about the easiest to trap. Except the neighbors cat. Ground hog, nutria, rats? Coyote is NOT easy to trap. I am not criticizing, just giving a heads up. I would rather eat a roasted rat (think squirrel without a bushy tail) than a coyote. Wild hog is not easy to trap, but easier than coyote, if you snare them, and a lot of meat. Of course, the article doesn’t say “Top 5 animals for FOOD”. Hmmmm… maybe the cat tonight!

    • Jeremy Knauff says:

      Yep, raccoon is a good option too, but a bit greasy for my taste. I don’t think I could bring myself to eat opossum unless I was in some pretty dire straights though.

  • Don’t how things work in the U.S., but in Norway Fox is a No-No to use as food. This because the risk of Trichinella. Better hungry, then sick and/or dead 🙂

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