al-Qaeda Counter-Drone Tactics Found in Mali

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A recent discovery by members of the Associated Press working in Timbuktu, Mali have some experts concerned that it could signal the beginnings of a more unified terrorism network, and one that had previously been considered an operation on the cusp of collapse.

That discovery consisted of 22 tactics for enemy fighters to successfully avoid becoming a target of strikes by American drones. The document was reportedly being stored inside a manila folder that was found in a deserted Islamist building. The Associated Press has since publicized the contents of the list online.

Abdallah bin Muhammad, a Yemeni extremist and a top-ranking member of the al-Qaeda faction based in the Arabian Peninsula (or AQAP), is believed to be he author of the document. While the list was likely created after American drones contributed to the death of Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011, this could be the first time an English version has ever been found. This discovery has had experts weighing in with their concerns, chief among them being that the list constitutes an ongoing and widespread exchange of intelligence among al-Qaeda groups. This continued sharing of information could indicate that a stronger, more unified terrorism network is in the works.

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