Improvised Fish Hooks


Whether lost in the woods or stranded at sea, one of the easiest ways to gather calorie-rich food is by fishing. Even without fishing gear, it’s relatively simple to improvise the gear you need, the most important of which is a hook. Below are a few examples of improvised fishing hooks using everyday items as well as items found in nature. Armed with a little creativity, you’ll never go hungry when there is a body of water nearby.

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Why I Ditched Nalgene for Steel Water Bottles

Why I diteched Nalgene for Steel Water Bottles

I used to be a die-hard fan of Nalgene bottles. As a Marine, I started using them in place of my canteens while deployed in extreme cold weather because they were just as tough, but the wide mouth made it easy to break ice that formed at the top and get to the water below. They had other advantages over our standard issue canteens, too: they contain fewer harmful chemicals compared to other plastic containers, the wide mouth made them… Read More »

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What the Ferguson Riots Can Teach You About Civil Unrest

Ferguson Riots

Regardless of your opinion of the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, the riots and police response that followed should be eye-opening for anyone who thought this is still the America we grew up in. People used to be capable of hashing out their differences passionately, yet peacefully. Police used to be capable of reducing conflict instead of escalating it. Journalists used to be capable of objectively reporting facts instead of their opinions. Today, none of those things are true. As the… Read More »

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6 Supplies to Stock with Food Storage

Food Storage

One of the first things most preppers begin stocking is an emergency food supply. This is great, but it’s only part of the picture. Canned and freeze-dried food is more than adequate for a short-term disaster,┬ábut when it lasts several weeks, you’ll need additional supplies to stay healthy. Here are a few things you should stock along with your emergency food supply. Seasoning Stock up on the herbs and spices that you regularly use because if you want to stay… Read More »

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Be Careful Who’s Advice You Take


Today’s technology gives anyone the ability to claim expert status and reach an audience of millions. Some may just embellish their credentials while others will flat-out lie and invent the kind of background that makes Hollywood action heroes look like Girl Scouts. In other industries this isn’t usually life or death, but in the survival/prepping/self-defense world, it’s a game changer. For example, a politician may destroy his own reputation (Anthony Weiner) which ends his career, or a business leader may… Read More »

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Choosing the Right Gun

Choosing the RIght Gun

Ask 100 people what they think is the best gun and you’re likely to get 100 different answers. The truth is that there is no “best” gun because like any other tool, each serves a unique purpose. For example, I love my AR-15 because it provides more firepower and accuracy than any pistol, but I can’t carry it on my body while walking around town. Choosing the right gun depends not only on the circumstances, but also on the individual…. Read More »

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