Why Bugging Out on a Motercycle Will Get You Killed

Bug Out Motorcycle

The topic of bugging out is a popular one, with probably thousands of opinions on how, when, and why. One recurring theme is bugging out on a motorcycle, which on the surface may seem like a great idea due to their maneuverability and excellent fuel economy, but it will probably get you killed. Here are a few reasons why bugging out on a motorcycle is a bad idea. While a motorcycle’s fuel economy beats a car, truck, or SUV, it has… Read More »

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Where to Find Supplies After SHTF


When the SHTF, preppers will be far more prepared than the average citizen, but over a long enough timeline, even the most prepared among us will run out of supplies or have a crucial piece of equipment break. Since few of us want to spend the rest of our lives walking around in a loin cloth eating grubs, knowing where to to find supplies to make our lives more comfortable and easier can be a valuable bit of information. Obvious… Read More »

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Why You Probably Don’t Have Enough Water Stored

Water Storage

I’ve written about the importance of storing water as well as several ways to store it discretely, but while many preppers do store water, few store enough. The accepted rule of thumb is to store at least one gallon of water per person for three days. A normally active person needs about three quarters of a gallon of fluid daily, but, individual needs vary, depending on age, health, physical condition, activity, diet, and climate. I don’t think this is anywhere… Read More »

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Anatomy of a Second American Revolution


Before I get started, let’s make one thing perfectly clear—I am not advocating taking up arms in a second American Revolution. Despite the corruption in our own government, I do not believe we are at a point where bloodshed is the proper solution. As our government has become increasingly corrupt and tone-deaf to what its citizens want, more people have suggested that the solution is to launch an armed revolution. I disagree because we currently have options available to change… Read More »

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How to Make Tear Gas


Tear gas can be  a valuable tool to keep crowds away from your home during civil unrest. At the moment, it can be legally purchased, but during a grid-down scenario or in the event that laws are changed, that may not be an option so learning how to make your own can be a valuable skill. Everything you need to make tear gas is available at any grocery store, and with these instructions, it’s easy to make. 1.) Start with… Read More »

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Prepping on a Budget


One of the biggest reasons people put off prepping is the cost; a supply of food, water and supplies to sustain your family through an emergency and redundancy in your essential equipment adds up quickly. Prepping doesn’t have to break the bank, though. Here are six ways to prep on a budget. Food storage It’s easy to buy prepackaged food like freeze-dried meals or MREs and there are more than enough choices to satisfy any taste, but it gets expensive quickly…. Read More »

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